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I am sure none of you out there are like me; you have all your favorite recipes and “I hope to cook you someday because I cut you out of Food and Wine two years ago” recipes in a neat and organized manner.  I however, if they are the lucky few they hang out in a file folder, while the majority rest in various places and drawers across my home.

My goal this year is to simplify which in many ways means– get organized. I set a goal that I would get all of those printouts of recipes that I love to cook, and hope to cook in order.

I wanted my disheveled recipes to go from this image below.

My recipes are a mess

To this wonder of organization >>>

Recipes Binder Printable Freebie- Get your recipes organized! Recipes Binder Printable Freebie- Get your recipes organized!

Recipes Binder Printable Freebie- Get your recipes organized!Yes, that is a wonderfully organized recipe binder.

  1. I decided to purge the recipes that while they looked super yummy, I haven’t even cooked and most likely would never cook. I did keep a few recipes that I knew someday I would maybe someday just maybe might cook.
  2. I then got a nifty binder on sale ($2) to gather up all the recipes.
  3. I put them all in plastic covered sleeves.   This part is expensive and not necessary but I like the idea of protecting the recipes when I am cooking.  You can easy opt ot not use the plastic sleeves.
  4. I added tabs so I could sort through it all.

I thought I would share my recipes dividers with you.

I have 34 categories and a cover page. Some are a bit of repeat but I thought you can pick and choose what categories you would like in your binder.

Here is the list of categories:


  1. Alysa says

    Thank you so very much for these binder pages. They are absolutely stunning. Now if I could only find recipe cards to match! Thanks again!

    • Erika Hollen says

      Thanks for the stopping by and glad you found the recipe dividers useful :)
      Recipe cards sounds like a great idea! I will work on some to match.

  2. Kelly Bueno says

    These recipe dividers is just what I was looking for thank you! I would love to make a vegetarian divider page but the link to download the frame is not working.

    • Erika Hollen says

      Glad you like them :) And thanks for the update about the link- missed that when I moved the blog over! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Jamie says

    How do I unlock these? I have shared them on Pinterest and followed you on Twitter and they are still locked.

    Thank you!

    • Erika says

      Hey Jamie- Sorry you are having trouble with unlocking the recipe binder. I can send them to you via email. Thanks for stopping by!

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