Week 2/52 Attempt 1

We went to play at Lewis Ginter today to enjoy the nice weather.
This weeks 2/52 is suppose to be Eyes or Energy. Getting a picture of Kodi’s eyes is proving to be harder than getting him to not want to watch/listen to Moon Moon Moon again.  First,  he never stops moving, and I am just not that fast at focusing or moving.  Second, he has small dark colored eyes.

However I did learn something this week I didn’t know my camera could do and I am loving it– Back button focusing.   I am still working on getting better at focusing and using the 50mm lens that I have.

So here is my first attempt at getting his eyes and energy.  Wish I could get more light on his eyes and get them more in focus but I have to take the picture when I can get his face.

Eyes and Energy (1 of 1)

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